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Getamanna gam acharige gunasena the founding father of the nileka jewellery(Pvt)Ltd., first started his carrier as a gold smith trainee in 1961. Afterwards he worked his way through the gold jewellery industrty to make his position as a gold jewellery factory owner sheltering to a more than 50 jewellery craftsman’s working under him giving life to masterpieces. Then came the first branch of nileka jewellery 1984, which grown into one of the largest gold jewellery retail stores island wide.

Nileka offers the finest gold jewellery accompanied by Breathtaking beauty and stunning originality. The rarest of gems and flawless craftsmanship combined with state of the art technology creates great quality products. Nileka has over five hundred employees direct and indirect throughout ten different branches to satisfy every jewellery need of the our customers.

Anniversary of International
Women's Day - 2011

CBSM Institute of Education Management
& Services New Delhi - 2008

Comunicatiors Associaton.

Dasha Bandhu National Award

District Governor 306 A Lion Parakrama Kurukulasuriya 2002- 2003

Mass Lanka 2000 Bronz Award

Mass Lanka 2001 Bronz Award

Mass Lanka 2001 National Bronz Award

Mass Lanka 2001 Silver Award

Mass Lanka 2003 Bronz Award

Mass Lanka 2010 Silver Award

Mass Lanka 2011 Bronz Award

Mass Lanka Award 2012

Olcott Upadi Sarasavi Ayathanaya

Sinha Suwa Udana Programme - 2003-2004

Thilina Pooja 13-2011

United Mass Comunicatiors Associaton 2011

Vishva Pranama Award 2010

Young Sciancises Universicy - USA -2011
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