On November 8, 2014, the G.G.A. Gunasena Foundation embarked on a heartwarming mission to bring a ray of hope to a low-income family in Kakanadura, Matara. Through their unwavering commitment to uplifting lives, they built a new home for a family in need, transforming their circumstances and offering a fresh start.

In the spirit of compassion and community support, the foundation took on the responsibility of covering all the construction expenses. The act of building a home represented much more than bricks and mortar; it symbolized the restoration of dignity, security, and stability for a deserving family.

Located in the heart of Kakanadura, the newly built house stood as a testament to the power of collective efforts and the impact of selfless generosity. It provided a haven where dreams could be nurtured, and brighter futures could be envisioned.

The G.G.A. Gunasena Foundation’s initiative touched the hearts of the local community, who expressed their gratitude for this life-changing donation. The act of building a home not only addressed the immediate need for shelter but also instilled a sense of hope, empowering the family to pursue their aspirations with renewed vigor.

The foundation’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate shone through in every detail of the home. From its sturdy structure to its thoughtful design, it represented a tangible expression of care and support. As the family stepped foot into their new home, emotions of gratitude and joy filled the air. The G.G.A. Gunasena Foundation’s commitment to improving lives had not only provided shelter but had also sown the seeds of transformation and empowerment.

The story of the house built in Kakanadura, Matara, serves as a reminder that even a small act of kindness can have a profound and lasting impact on individuals, families, and communities. The G.G.A. Gunasena Foundation’s dedication to creating positive change continues to inspire and uplift, offering hope to those in need. May this remarkable gesture of building a home for a low-income family be a catalyst for more initiatives that bring about positive change, one brick at a time. Let us all embrace the spirit of giving and work together to create a world where everyone has a place to call home.